What I tell prospects...

[00:00:00] Hi. Thanks for watching. You know the first thing I do when I talk to potential clients when I'm discussing their business is I explain what digital marketing is. Digital visibility. And the thing you know the analogy I like to use is 40 years ago we all had ... businesses had yellow page ads. Right. And if you didn't make the deadline for your yellow page ad you were pretty much as SOL for the remainder of the year. And that's because y after that what do you have you have direct mail marketing. You know all the other expensive forms of marketing. But the one that the people use really go to especially kind of service industries and restaurants and things of that nature that's you missed out. You started with a really small little one and that he worked up to a quarter page and a full page of you really super successful business. And you paid $5000 a month for that depending on your city. You can't can't buy your way in anymore. I mean Google right now Google, Bing, Yahoo all the other search engines... this kind of stuff. I mean that's the sort of stuff that you have to earn your way in. Right. And you can do it on your own or you can you know have a professional help you out and this is something I've been doing for years and years. The reality is is that you know when you earn your way in. It's the gift that keeps on giving. Right.

[00:01:16] I mean it's not like Google just shut you down. I mean they may change you may have to adapt but all the hard work and effort you've put in order that we've put in for you basically kind of continues on. And the next month and the following month and the month after that. You keep getting the phone calls you keep people keep visiting you keep going your website and providing fresh leads for you. That's just organic that's that's how it is. So being strategic about getting this is really a cornerstone foundational piece of your online marketing abilities and what you need to do. So what I would highly recommend is you know reach out to us. I would. I've been doing this for nearly 20 years. I'd be happy to give you a free review of your Web site where you kind of stand and most everybody kind of knows... in case I need to be online. But the reality is that how online do you need to be. What else do you need to do. And everybody knows they need to do something but what exactly is it? Well that's what we specialize in. So reach out let me help you. Let me give you a free review. It's no obligation. And the very minimum you're going to know more about it after our 15 minute conversation than you would before. So real in all reality this is time very well spent for you and I want you whether you're able to do it now or are you going to do it later... I mean if you're serious business you do need to do this and whether you do it now or later.

[00:02:51] I want to be the guy that helps you out with it. So I'm here The long for the long haul and I'm here for your success. Thanks