Get Serious with Google to help your local Wisconsin/Michigan business

[00:00:00] So thanks for taking a moment to watch my video and I apologize for my face here last week and a half I've had poison ivy or oak or sumac reaction that's just absolutely been atrocious as you can see. So anyway I wanted to talk a little bit today about what does it take in order to bring in customers on a local level. Forty years ago it was the yellow pages if you missed your deadline you were done. You kind of you're out for the year. As you progress with your scale of your business you can afford more and you get bigger ads and quarter pages and full pages and half pages and those you know that was the mark measure of success and the ability to do that billboards wherever else. How do people find your business today? People find them through a variety of means. Most of what you see behind me here. But one of the biggest ones is Google. So let's just think about Google here for a minute. How often do you use it? It has a two thirds market share with search engine traffic. And I know personally I mean I I use it all the time but most people do if they're looking at the business looking at restaurants looking up anything it's so critically important that you have a polished look and feel and not only that an authority to what you're doing there. It's really critical. This is just one aspect of many when it comes to digital marketing management. So your Google.

[00:01:34] You know I mean if you're looking for roofing businesses you're looking for plumbers you're looking for dog groomers. It doesn't you know restaurants. You want to see authority. You want to see a polished clean professional. You want to see great reviews and you want to see them and you want to stand out above everything else that's out there and you want to beat your competition. It's critical that you do this it's critical that you get it done properly. So please if you don't reach out to me at some point you're going to have to take care of yourself. And you know that you specialize in what you specialize in and I specialize in what I specialize in and believe me it's a lot more affordable than you think because we're able to do it remotely and we're able to do it. I live in the Green Bay Wisconsin area. I work with companies all over the area but we kind of specialize in Wisconsin. So if you are looking for you know that edge on your competition if you're looking for that boost in sales you're looking for the additional traffic if you're looking to get a new Web site with the mobile friendly platform, reach out and let me know with what we can do to help you out. Absolutely no cost. I'll talk to you on the phone. We can do a video conference maybe not with this going out but we can you know definitely look at your business and see what it has at the very minimum you're to walk away a lot more informed than you are today. So I look forward to hearing from you and for your call and enjoy the rest of your week.