Stop Boosting Your Facebook Posts!

Stop boosting your Facebook posts. Here's why.

Hey, my name's Eric. I help companies raise their revenue with digital marketing. So I was having coffee with a colleague of mine and we were speaking about a car dealer that we were working with and the problem with them is that they were boosting posts. So it's like I have this car available and they were boosting it and they were reaching more people and people like the page, they like the post. And they were excited about that and they thought that they were actually gaining some traction and they were spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars monthly doing this practice. The problem is is that they had about 1500 people that liked their page and all that they were doing is reaching out to people that already liked their page. People that have already been their customer, they're not reaching out to new people. So what they should've done is set up an ad campaign and reached out directly to the people that aren't their customers.

Okay. How many cars are people going to buy in a row? Right? How many times is somebody going to buy a new car or a used car from these people? If you're a restaurant, if you're an attorney, you don't want to preach to the choir. If you're a plumber, you want to reach out to new people and you want to do this, so please stop boosting your posts. It's a fantastic way to get likes. It's a fantastic way to increase engagement, but it isn't a fantastic way to reach out to new people, which you need to do is you need to set up a business manager account to set up audience that will actually reach out to the right people at the right time, boosting posts directly for your audience. The people that follow your page does nothing for it. Here's where it could help though.

If you're a restaurant and you want to remind people to come back and had a great experience, if you want to remind people you want to create frequent flyers, frequent visitors to your thing, this is where that is applicable. It isn't applicable. If you're trying to reach out to new people, you actually have to set up an ad and actually make that work for you. So stop boosting posts, do it the right way. Set up an ad, set up the audience and make it work for you. Stop advertising to your customers because they're not going to buy a second or third vehicle from you. They're not going to be a second or third attorney fee for you. What you want to do is you want to reach out to the new people and make sure that they see you with a compelling video and a compelling picture or a compelling message. If you need help with this, don't hesitate to reach out. My name's Eric and I own Local Result Marketing, and what I do is I specialize in helping small businesses reach the target market and do things properly, organically, and paid. We work with both scenarios and do it very, very effectively. So if you're looking to grow your business, if you believe the internet should be a funnel for new business, don't hesitate to reach out because that's what we're here for.

Working with a professional digital marketing guy

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Hey, my name is. Eric and I help companies make more money with digital marketing.

Hello everyone. My name is Eric Thompson, I own of Local Result Marketing and I'm going to talk to you a little bit today. About, why use somebody like me because it's very important to know I'm here to make more money for you. Why that can happen. I used to live three doors down from Aaron Rogers. Think you guys know who that is. Aaron Rogers, obviously one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. If you're in the Chicago bears, you probably agree with that especially, but the thing is is that even though he's one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, do you know what really propels people of excellence to that next level? Do you know what really brings it home for them is that they work with professionals in their own lives. He has quarterback coach, he has a strength training coach. He actually has a team coach and they all work to help him achieve the best that he can. He can't know all of the nutrition aspects of his game. He can't know all of this because you know what? That's not his job. Just like it's not an attorney's job to understand marketing and digital marketing as well as possible in order to make them more money. That's where I come in and that's why working with a professional makes more sense to you. Not only do I bring my years of experience, not only do we bring all of the mistakes that we've made throughout the years and the knowledge that we've gained, so we don't make mistakes on your account, but we use that all to really just fine tune your marketing game, fine, tune your digital game and bring more people in. That's what it's about and on top of all of that, in my opinion, with the most valuable part of working with somebody like me is, is that you get to save time and spend it where it matters most to you in life. You get to spend it with your family, you get to spend it working on your business rather than in your business and you get to enjoy life because what the hell are we doing if not for all of this to enjoy LIFE.

Negative reviews and how to deal with them


I want to talk about bad reviews today. We all get them as business owners and I want to teach you how to deal with them properly.

bad reviews. We all get them. How do we deal with them? What's the best way to actually deal with these bad reviews and make sure that they turn out the best that we possibly can get them to turn out or at least don't hurt us in the long run. So from a digital standpoint, there's only one real way to deal with these. First off, you have to understand why, why even deal with them in the first place. That's obviously we don't want them, but why deal with them in the first place? Number one is that if Google is looking at this and you have a business with 10 great reviews and you have a business with like nine great reviews and one bad review, which one are you going to show first? Which one's going to be more prominent for you? Secondly, if you get a bad review, it's, yeah, it's a negative mark against you, but you know that if you didn't respond to that negative review, that it's actually like two marks against you, you actually get negatively pushed down, you actually get pushed down even more because you didn't respond to that bad review.

You need to deal with these. It's just a fact of life. So what's the best way to do it? I always look at it this way, right? And this is how I advise everybody who I work with to do the same. You get a bad review. Smile, be thankful. Because honestly, you didn't go into business to make a lousy business. You didn't go to business to have a crappy business. So find this as an opportunity to make your business and your processes better. Find it as an opportunity to, to find that chink in your armor and to fix it and to mend it so it doesn't happen again. So you reach out and you have that mindset. You reach out to this customer and you say, we are so sorry that, you know, you didn't, we didn't do this or you didn't get that or whatever else it is.

And we thank you so much for letting us know. In fact, please give me a call. Here's my personal contact information, whatever it is, and let's talk about this so that we can actually make this better. And from there, not only do you get this person who, by the way, if somebody is allowed mouth and there are no like running negatively, tell everybody about this bad experience that they had. If they're a loudmouth towards the negative, you know what? They're also a loudmouth towards the positive. So if you can get this person turned around and actually make them a fan of yours even better yet, right? So they're going to tell more people, uh, Hey, I was really pissed off. These guys suck and you know what? They turn it around and now I'm a huge fan. Great move on your part. Anyway, reach out to these people.

Let them know this is what I'm here for. This is what we stand for. This is what I want to do and this is what I want to learn. So a, we can fix it with you and be it never happens again with anybody else. Okay? That's the only way to deal with negative reviews as far as I'm concerned. Now, if you get something where there's a competitor posting a negative review for you, whatever else, by all means, alert the authorities, call the internet police, let Google know, flag it for review, whatever it takes in order to get that removed off, because that is not fair. And I do that all the time to people like, Hey, this versus never been a customer. They don't do this. You know, let people know and get those, try and get those removed. But if you get a legitimate negative review X, take it as constructive criticism. Learn from it, fix your systems, and it's very minimum. Make sure that everybody else reading that negative review understands that you care about your customers and you care about your business.

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I'm a local business and the companies that best fit with me are ones that:
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If you meet both of those requirements, I PROMISE that meeting with me will be eye opening at the very least and quite profitable/time saving at best.
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So here’s how it works.

Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Facebook, maybe Instagram, maybe TripAdvisor and many, many more companies and services have the power to send you life changing amounts of business if only used properly.

I find that most companies feel like they don’t know what to do because 1. It is confusing as hell as to which is the right way to do things and 2. They get scammed called 5+ times a day from some robocaller telling them that their “Google business listing is in jeopardy of not displaying correctly” or “may be inactive” and are trigger shy on making a move. Total scam and I've helped many people get out of it.

I’ve been doing national ecommerce for over 20 years and now I’m focusing on local businesses because I know I can help and there is such a need to get this done right.

I am a local entrepreneur and have been for a long time. We all use our businesses to provide for ourselves, our family, our children and our employees/coworkers. It is a huge responsibility and I want to help and work with those that see the benefit of working with a professional and doing it right for the benefit of all concerned. I see so much money being wasted on expensive, non-performing advertising and this is something I can help you with.

Would it be out of line to invest 15 minutes of your time to talk?

Call me at (920) 944-8483 or do a little more digging and send an online message here:


A foggy day with Facebook having issues

So Facebook is down and seemingly much more on the business side. I thought I would take a quick moment to make an introductory video and let you know how I could possibly help you out.

My service is for people that believe in the fact that the internet is a key driver for local traffic and wealth generation.

I focus on people that want to grow or solidify their business to provide for themselves, family and co-workers

I promise that working with me will save you time, frustration and bring your closer to your goals.

If this sounds like you, let's have a 10 minute chat and see if this might work out for the both of us.

Helping small business owners

We all need to take care of the "online stuff" but, it is not very easy and is extremely time consuming.

I offer a 110% guarantee and I want you to know that this is something that you will be able to count on to help bring your business to the next level. 

If you are just starting out or are spending $20,000/month on Google Ads, I can make a big difference in the cornerstone piece of the puzzle for you.

Save time - More customer - Peace of mind - Save money

Five critical steps to fix a bad Google or Yelp review or even to remove a fake one

So you opened your email and you got a bad review on Google or Facebook or Yelp or anywhere else.

The key to handling this successfully is not to Panic or get angry but to stay in complete control. I could tell you stories about office furniture being thrown  and angry phone calls but, those don't work. :-)

We work really hard as business owners to put our time and effort into the company that we built from the ground up and one day some crabby person that probably isn't being reasonable besides to put a negative review out there letting the world know all about there oftentimes very temporary opinion. Depending on how many reviews you have, one negative review can taint your ratings.

There is help!

There are ways to work this system to your advantage to maintain your online reputation and credibility. I recommend you take the following steps.

  1. Don’t get angry

  2. Evaluate and Learn

  3. Reply quickly

  4. Solve the situation with the customer

  5. Stay on top of your reviews

One. Don't respond negatively to a negative review

A one or two star or even a fraudulent review may spur you to actions that you may later regret. Don't give into the temptation. A bad review is not even close to being the end of the world. Every company has gotten a bad review and I find it very helpful to do what I'm going to tell you in the next section.

Two.  Evaluate and learn

You need to look at this situation objectively. Is the review real? Did something break in your process? Is it legitimate?

If the review is fraudulent and we see this quite a bit, make sure you flag the review for removal. There is usually an opportunity to do so. However do not do this if the review is legitimate as it will only hurt your credibility with Google or Facebook or Yelp or other services.

If the review is legitimate Then I highly recommend you do something that is probably opposite of what you're thinking. Celebrate. Enjoy the fact that somebody found a chink in your armor.Companies like human beings do not learn from always being correct. We learn from adversity and we learn from our failures. Use the opportunity to fix your systems and find out what's going wrong. In fact I recommend people do this regularly without the aid of reviews. Try and find out what's going wrong and you will be among the  Elite in the business community.

Three.  Reply quickly

first try and get in touch with this customer my looking through your internal systems. Nothing beats a face-to-face or phone call. If you can't do that then you need to reply to the review and ask them to reach out to you. This is your opportunity to gain a lifelong customer. People that complain the loudest will also sing your praises the loudest if you convert them into being a lifelong fan. This should be your ultimate goal. Of course, try and get them to remove the bad review but convert them into someone that would never go anywhere else. Look at this as a last attempt at gaining a customer for life. Everyone that goes about it in this way wins all the time in the end. Not every person but, you win at business.

Four. Solve the problem with the customer

As I stated in the previous section it is very important that you reach up quickly and thoroughly but what does it take to solve the problem with a customer. This is psychology. I'm not saying that this person might not just be a jerk but more than likely they were hurt in such a manner that they felt it necessary to go out and tell the world. That means that ultimately speaking you or somebody else screwed up pretty badly and made them feel unimportant. This is your opportunity to fix it. Make them feel important. Make them feel appreciated and wanted. You don't have to give away the farm. In fact most people see coupons, discounts and gift certificates as a slap in the face. Ask them what happened. Be honest. Be open. After all, this is your opportunity to find out what happened in your business to make sure that it never happens again. We live in a reality TV based world at this point so don't be afraid to let them in to see what's cooking in the kitchen. Let them know that their  input can help things so that this never happens again. Be real. Be personable.

Five.  Stay on top of the reviews

I want you to stay on top of your reviews. As a business owner this is one thing that you can do quite well. Of course we want to drowned out any negative reviews with positive reviews but the curation of these reviews is ultimately influenced by ownership and management. Get on board and embrace the review system. It will only work out to your advantage. I highly suggest people  schedule and spend 5 to 10 minutes per week curating good reviews and if you do that you shouldn't have to do much work at all on the negative reviews. When they do pop-up, handle them immediately.

15 social post ideas that get engagement


Although I'm sure I compose way more social media posts then you do, it is extremely frustrating to come up with ideas at times. Especially ideas that work. After all, the whole reason why we use Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more is so that we can make more sales. Here's a list of ideas that I have curated overtime and work very well. A big point with this is that if you are doing this for your business make sure that you have some sort of action in it. You don't always want to sell and be "that guy" but you do want to offer options and conversions for people that care about your message. I would also add, be real. People's BS radar is stronger than ever. If you don't have something real to say, that's fine but, don't fake it. 

So let's get to it. Here are my notes for post ideas that get engagement.
1. Contests
2. Honor a group of people - teachers, vets, nurses...tie in promotion
3. Polls
4. Funny
5. Inspirational
6. Be vulnerable - ask questions
7. Go live
8. Behind the scenes
9. Reviews - show examples
10. User generated content
11. Fill in the blank __________
12. Ask for help
13. Seasonal
14. Fan only discounts/email list
15. Expert tip / tutorial

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Wisconsin's Best & Most Effective digital visibility/marketing expert.
"Go the extra mile. It is never crowded."
Eric Thompson  920.530.9111 - complete digital management - get more reviews

Facebook likes for your business are a waste of time and money

stop buying facebook likes.jpg

So if I haven't spoken to you in person this is your additional notification that Facebook is nothing more than an advertising platform for businesses. In my experience even if you have a large following maybe you'll get 15% reach with any posts that you put up.

Last week, Facebook officially launched its secondary Newsfeed called Explorer. The feed generally features posts from Pages users don't follow. News feed on the other hand host post from friends and pages that you do follow.

That's not true for everyone though. In six markets they have remove posts from pages in the original Newsfeed and relegated them to another feed. That means that Publishers are being forced to pay.

drop in facebook.jpg

So what does that mean for you? Probably not much other than the fact that if you are thinking Facebook is a free way to get in front of your customers and reach them with your message, you should probably rethink your strategy.

Facebook is an outstanding resource for paid advertisements.

Be unique.

Be original.

Be sexy and flashy.

Put something out there that people will click on and relates to your business.

You should look at this as a pay-per-click advertising platform.

I advise my clients to figure out how much each new customer is worth and then we look at customer acquisition costs to determine how much we should spend and the success level of our advertisements.

Good luck out there and stop spending your money to get LIKES.  It just isn't worth it.

Google My Business Now allows for direct bookings


Google is going to be coming out with a new booking button for Google My Business that will allow businesses to take bookings / appointments directly.

A booking or appointment button can definitely help your business stand out from the crowd. The new booking button is said to allow for customers to book an appointment in under 1 minute. This will create an easier booking experience that could help you result in more customers. The administration section of the Google my business interface will allow you to track how many bookings you get.

Supported booking providers currently include:

  • Appointy

  • Bookatable

  • Booksy

  • Full Slate

  • Genbook

  • Mindbody

  • Mytime

  • Pike13

  • Rosy

  • SalonRunner

  • Setmore

  • Shore

  • Supersalon software

  • Wellnessliving

  • Yocale

How to do this?

If you have an account with a supported service provider then your booking button it should already be added to your listing. Google will prompt you to sign up for an account with a supportive service provider if you haven't already.

After you have signed up with a supported service you can expect to see a booking button in your Google my business account within a few days. This new service should be available over the next few days.


Is SEO really necessary for your small business? The answer may surprise you


As a small business owner your time revolves around finding clients so that you can offer the service or products that will make their lives better. How do we reach these people? As I'm sure you know the internet is one of the best ways to make that happen.

There are plenty of ways to source potential clients online. Many of the same techniques and strategies that have worked for decades like paid marketing have grown and adapted to the effective methods to use an online spaces. But there is one other technique, while perhaps not necessary, has outstanding abilities to support any marketing campaign and that is search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization or SEO for short is a collection of techniques designed to make it easier for businesses to be found in search engine results. The better your SEO, the more likely your business is going to show up in the top  results. That means more phone calls, visits and appointments for you.

Millions of words have been written about search engine optimization over the years so I'm not going to go over it again here but what I will say is that there are certain types of SEO practices that can have major impact on your online marketing efforts, driving potential clients and sales to you. In fact there's one type of search engine optimization that it's free, easy and highly effective.

Local SEO and the small business owner

Local search engine optimization is just one specific subset of search engine optimization techniques. It's pretty straightforward. It involves making sure that individuals using Google, Bing and other search engines to help find location based services and businesses like yours. This is incredibly important for local businesses.

Optimizing your services for local searches is almost foolproof. Services like Google My Business provide free opportunities to list your company website and the name, address and phone number. This means our company details will show up in searches Of people looking for your services or products. After all, Google is the 800-pound gorilla in the room  When it comes to search engines.

Easily avoided mistakes

There are some pitfalls to avoid when it comes to using local search engine optimization properly. A little diligence on your part ensures the details of your website address, local address and phone number are accurate. While it's easy to avoid these mistakes, it is extremely crucial that you do. Inconsistent listings will rank your business lower.

Is it a good idea to get outside help?

There's a lot of clutter on the internet and when it comes to marketing your business properly sometimes making it almost impossible to do so. For example, search engine optimization is a generic term that people throw around. The true benefits of SEO happen with big national websites rather than local businesses. However there are a lot of other areas that diligence and expertise can be applied to your local business to bring you more views, visibility and ultimately Revenue.

This is what I do and the clients that work with me and buy into the coaching that I give them end up doing quite well. The field is only going to get more crowded and more competitive. In my opinion, it's nice to get a head start when it's going to be a long race.

Want a sneak peak at what it will look like for you? Try a Google search for “chicago plumber” “houston attorney”. This is how you will need to stand out sooner rather than later.

4 simple ways to dominate local SEO in Wisconsin

Are you new to local search? Have questions as to where to start? Here are four tactics to help you kick off your local SEO efforts.


If you followed any search engine optimization strategies for any. Of time you know one thing and that is that search engine optimization changes on a regular basis. When it comes to local SEO it is more important than ever for you to optimize your on-site and off-site strategies for your clients and customers when they are searching for local businesses. Local competition is getting more stiff and if you're not on top of your rankings in the search engines you can rest assured that your competitors will be.

Five tactics that you can use right now to get higher rankings for your business in Wisconsin and throughout the United States

1. Title and meta tags still carry weight

Title and meta description tags are HTML elements that you can use to reflect the content of your web page. The text of your title and description tags is displayed in research results. Think of these as many ads that you can carefully craft and use to your advantage. Last year Google increase the width of the main search results area to 600 pixels. Generally acceptable length for title tags are  usually 50 to 60 characters and descriptions eggs can be approximately 160 to 200 characters.  Take advantage of this space. Make sure that you double check that your titles and descriptions display fully in the search results.

If you want to reach local customers make sure that you include the city your business is in or the area that your business serves.

Focus on using 1 targeted keyword in carefully place that keyword as close to the beginning of the tag that you can

Remember if your business shows up in the results you have only one shot to get the person to click your link. You don't want to screw it up by having poorly worded tags.

2.  Online directories and citations

According to Google roughly 80% of consumers use search engines to conduct local searches. However, many small businesses have not even claimed their local business on directories online which is missing a huge opportunity. It is critically important to get your business listed correctly by having the right address, phone numbers, website URL and branding. Yelp, Merchants Circle, citysearch, Yellow Pages, all of these are free listings for your business. Computers love data that is correct so make sure that everywhere has the same data. Don't leave this up to chance and be proactive.

3.  Google My Business. Possibly the most important thing to do first.

Although Google My Business is considered a directory it's a lot more than that because Google claims 67% search engine market share As of the time that I am writing this. How often do you do searches for local businesses with Google? Who do you call? Has it ever been anyone on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th pages? I don't think so. Go look yourself up on Google and if you haven't claimed your listing do so immediately.  From there you can follow the directions that Google offers. this is an outstanding place to start to get your business online, branded and looking great to the world.

4.  Online reviews are very important

Businesses are finally starting to realize that reviews are pretty important. If you are presented with two products and one of them has a 5-star rating and another has 0 Stars or negative reviews which one are you going to choose? How about a business that has 50 reviews Versus the business that only has 5 reviews?

I've started a separate service that works directly on this problem. Business owners need to get involved in this process and need to motivate their staff. Very important to do.



What is marketing call tracking and why should I care at all?

phone call.jpg

In order to  advertise successfully you need to understand what's happening. Very few small businesses that I work with get this concept. Or at least get it to the point where it actually makes a difference in the decisions that they make. That's a shame because so many companies are taking advantage of your lack of time and are forcing you into situations that waste your money.

so let's get into it. Call tracking is a method to track your inbound phone calls. Let's say your business has a telephone number and it's used in multiple different areas. If one of your main ways of generating leads is people calling you, as it is with many businesses, then you need to know where those phone calls are coming from. Billboards are expensive. Magazine ads are expensive. Yellow Pages, God help you if you're still using those, are expensive. You need to know where the phone calls are coming from so that when you're thousands of dollars are being spent on Advertising you can make the appropriate decisions to determine which ones are working and which ones are not. sure you can ask your colors where they saw your add but it's not nearly as effective as hard data.

So if you spent $2,000 on your billboard and it gave you 5 phone calls and you spent $500 on some online advertising and it gave you 15 phone calls... What are you going to do? Where would you really put your money?

I'm not putting down all of the advertising methods because for many businesses they work  wonderfully but, for most businesses they do not.

One of the nice things about call tracking is that it is inexpensive.

Just reading off of one of the pricing sheets of a major provider, for $30 a month you can get 10 local phone numbers, up to 500 minutes of voice recording, live dashboards and more. Is that worth it to help break down your advertising spend and its effectiveness? I think it's a no-brainer.

Here's a demo. No affiliation...just information.

Are you still paying for an ad in the yellow pages? Read this now.

yellow pages recycling bin.jpg

If you are paying for an ad in the Yellow Pages let me help you save hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year.


As business owners we often get sidetracked into doing things the same way just because we've done them that way in the past. I have yet to run across a business that gets more sales out of their advertising spend then they would in other areas. It's time to declare this a dead medium.  I will admit that there are a few businesses that still May benefit but, those are so few and far between that I'm not even going to bother mentioning them in this article.

So what should you do with your extra money? For starters, I would suggest giving me a call. I know I could spend your money much better than the Yellow Pages will. However if you're not ready to work with a professional to help get your business moving in the right direction I may suggest just the generic terms of online advertising or even a more targeted review of what you have going on already.

Still not convinced? That's okay. I can prove it. Do yourself a favor and look up marketing tracking numbers.  Here’s a link:

Marketing tracking numbers are numbers that you rent and they report back to you on how often they are used and may even offer voice recording and other options. Pretty cool stuff to help determine which campaigns, yellow page ads, billboard ads and the like are actually working for you or not.

Years ago you either made the yellow page ad deadline or you are kind of screwed for the year. That's not the case anymore. Save your money. Advertise the smart way.