How to get more phone calls.

Hi Eric Thompson here from Local Result Marketing in Green Bay Wisconsin I want to talk today about getting phone calls basically the lifeblood of lot of what our businesses do. And in order to do that in order to really get more phone calls and get the traffic that we're looking for we have to understand a couple of different things. First where's that traffic coming from. And second how are they getting there and what's the decision making process that they do in order before they do call. So understanding that most of the people that are going to call you right now are usually looking up businesses on their phones or computers. And most of those people are using Google. So obviously the most important thing to do is to make sure that your Google listing looks Tip-Top. Now what makes somebody call one business over another business let's just use like dog groomers for instance what makes one person choose one dog groomer to call over another. Certainly location plays into that. But above and beyond that and almost more importantly is the reputation and the reputation is how you look, how you present to the world, the reviews you have the quality of reviews you have the quality quantity of reviews that you have. And you know whether or not your website is modern up to date basically you want to put the best foot forward for the customer to look at you and say this is a company that's really has their act together and this is a company I want to do business with. So in order to do that what you're really looking to have happen is you're looking to make sure that your reviews are set in place your digital properties are looking Tip-Top and you outperform to everybody else in your vertical. That's how you get more phone calls. That's how you the game of beating out your competition