Negative reviews and how to deal with them


I want to talk about bad reviews today. We all get them as business owners and I want to teach you how to deal with them properly.

bad reviews. We all get them. How do we deal with them? What's the best way to actually deal with these bad reviews and make sure that they turn out the best that we possibly can get them to turn out or at least don't hurt us in the long run. So from a digital standpoint, there's only one real way to deal with these. First off, you have to understand why, why even deal with them in the first place. That's obviously we don't want them, but why deal with them in the first place? Number one is that if Google is looking at this and you have a business with 10 great reviews and you have a business with like nine great reviews and one bad review, which one are you going to show first? Which one's going to be more prominent for you? Secondly, if you get a bad review, it's, yeah, it's a negative mark against you, but you know that if you didn't respond to that negative review, that it's actually like two marks against you, you actually get negatively pushed down, you actually get pushed down even more because you didn't respond to that bad review.

You need to deal with these. It's just a fact of life. So what's the best way to do it? I always look at it this way, right? And this is how I advise everybody who I work with to do the same. You get a bad review. Smile, be thankful. Because honestly, you didn't go into business to make a lousy business. You didn't go to business to have a crappy business. So find this as an opportunity to make your business and your processes better. Find it as an opportunity to, to find that chink in your armor and to fix it and to mend it so it doesn't happen again. So you reach out and you have that mindset. You reach out to this customer and you say, we are so sorry that, you know, you didn't, we didn't do this or you didn't get that or whatever else it is.

And we thank you so much for letting us know. In fact, please give me a call. Here's my personal contact information, whatever it is, and let's talk about this so that we can actually make this better. And from there, not only do you get this person who, by the way, if somebody is allowed mouth and there are no like running negatively, tell everybody about this bad experience that they had. If they're a loudmouth towards the negative, you know what? They're also a loudmouth towards the positive. So if you can get this person turned around and actually make them a fan of yours even better yet, right? So they're going to tell more people, uh, Hey, I was really pissed off. These guys suck and you know what? They turn it around and now I'm a huge fan. Great move on your part. Anyway, reach out to these people.

Let them know this is what I'm here for. This is what we stand for. This is what I want to do and this is what I want to learn. So a, we can fix it with you and be it never happens again with anybody else. Okay? That's the only way to deal with negative reviews as far as I'm concerned. Now, if you get something where there's a competitor posting a negative review for you, whatever else, by all means, alert the authorities, call the internet police, let Google know, flag it for review, whatever it takes in order to get that removed off, because that is not fair. And I do that all the time to people like, Hey, this versus never been a customer. They don't do this. You know, let people know and get those, try and get those removed. But if you get a legitimate negative review X, take it as constructive criticism. Learn from it, fix your systems, and it's very minimum. Make sure that everybody else reading that negative review understands that you care about your customers and you care about your business.