Working with a professional digital marketing guy

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Hey, my name is. Eric and I help companies make more money with digital marketing.

Hello everyone. My name is Eric Thompson, I own of Local Result Marketing and I'm going to talk to you a little bit today. About, why use somebody like me because it's very important to know I'm here to make more money for you. Why that can happen. I used to live three doors down from Aaron Rogers. Think you guys know who that is. Aaron Rogers, obviously one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. If you're in the Chicago bears, you probably agree with that especially, but the thing is is that even though he's one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, do you know what really propels people of excellence to that next level? Do you know what really brings it home for them is that they work with professionals in their own lives. He has quarterback coach, he has a strength training coach. He actually has a team coach and they all work to help him achieve the best that he can. He can't know all of the nutrition aspects of his game. He can't know all of this because you know what? That's not his job. Just like it's not an attorney's job to understand marketing and digital marketing as well as possible in order to make them more money. That's where I come in and that's why working with a professional makes more sense to you. Not only do I bring my years of experience, not only do we bring all of the mistakes that we've made throughout the years and the knowledge that we've gained, so we don't make mistakes on your account, but we use that all to really just fine tune your marketing game, fine, tune your digital game and bring more people in. That's what it's about and on top of all of that, in my opinion, with the most valuable part of working with somebody like me is, is that you get to save time and spend it where it matters most to you in life. You get to spend it with your family, you get to spend it working on your business rather than in your business and you get to enjoy life because what the hell are we doing if not for all of this to enjoy LIFE.