Straightforward and zero wasted time. (marketing email)

I'm a local business and the companies that best fit with me are ones that:
BELIEVE that the internet is a key driver for their business and
WANT to grow their revenue.
If you meet both of those requirements, I PROMISE that meeting with me will be eye opening at the very least and quite profitable/time saving at best.
(If this doesn’t describe you, unsubscribe please.)

So here’s how it works.

Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Facebook, maybe Instagram, maybe TripAdvisor and many, many more companies and services have the power to send you life changing amounts of business if only used properly.

I find that most companies feel like they don’t know what to do because 1. It is confusing as hell as to which is the right way to do things and 2. They get scammed called 5+ times a day from some robocaller telling them that their “Google business listing is in jeopardy of not displaying correctly” or “may be inactive” and are trigger shy on making a move. Total scam and I've helped many people get out of it.

I’ve been doing national ecommerce for over 20 years and now I’m focusing on local businesses because I know I can help and there is such a need to get this done right.

I am a local entrepreneur and have been for a long time. We all use our businesses to provide for ourselves, our family, our children and our employees/coworkers. It is a huge responsibility and I want to help and work with those that see the benefit of working with a professional and doing it right for the benefit of all concerned. I see so much money being wasted on expensive, non-performing advertising and this is something I can help you with.

Would it be out of line to invest 15 minutes of your time to talk?

Call me at (920) 944-8483 or do a little more digging and send an online message here: