What is marketing call tracking and why should I care at all?

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In order to  advertise successfully you need to understand what's happening. Very few small businesses that I work with get this concept. Or at least get it to the point where it actually makes a difference in the decisions that they make. That's a shame because so many companies are taking advantage of your lack of time and are forcing you into situations that waste your money.

so let's get into it. Call tracking is a method to track your inbound phone calls. Let's say your business has a telephone number and it's used in multiple different areas. If one of your main ways of generating leads is people calling you, as it is with many businesses, then you need to know where those phone calls are coming from. Billboards are expensive. Magazine ads are expensive. Yellow Pages, God help you if you're still using those, are expensive. You need to know where the phone calls are coming from so that when you're thousands of dollars are being spent on Advertising you can make the appropriate decisions to determine which ones are working and which ones are not. sure you can ask your colors where they saw your add but it's not nearly as effective as hard data.

So if you spent $2,000 on your billboard and it gave you 5 phone calls and you spent $500 on some online advertising and it gave you 15 phone calls... What are you going to do? Where would you really put your money?

I'm not putting down all of the advertising methods because for many businesses they work  wonderfully but, for most businesses they do not.

One of the nice things about call tracking is that it is inexpensive.

Just reading off of one of the pricing sheets of a major provider, for $30 a month you can get 10 local phone numbers, up to 500 minutes of voice recording, live dashboards and more. Is that worth it to help break down your advertising spend and its effectiveness? I think it's a no-brainer.

Here's a demo. No affiliation...just information.