Here's a great idea to get more reviews for your business...


Getting reviews is one of the more challenging aspects of running the online side of business. First you have to realize how critically important it is to get reviews because it is one of the main determining factors of online search engines as to where to display your business. Go look up pizza in your area once. Do the ones with all the good reviews come up first or do they come up last? I think you'll find that the businesses with no online interaction come up at the bottom of the searches. You don't want to be there.

So I highly recommend using a service like ours

this will help keep you running smoothly and efficiently. It is a proven way to get more reviews.

People often need a reason to do something though. This next part offers just one of those types of reasons. Leave us a good review and we will have a tree planted for doing it.  Personally, I think people are motivated by Good Intentions and altruistic thoughts. You can help that along by offering a program like this.
Here's a great place to start.