Facebook likes for your business are a waste of time and money

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So if I haven't spoken to you in person this is your additional notification that Facebook is nothing more than an advertising platform for businesses. In my experience even if you have a large following maybe you'll get 15% reach with any posts that you put up.

Last week, Facebook officially launched its secondary Newsfeed called Explorer. The feed generally features posts from Pages users don't follow. News feed on the other hand host post from friends and pages that you do follow.

That's not true for everyone though. In six markets they have remove posts from pages in the original Newsfeed and relegated them to another feed. That means that Publishers are being forced to pay.

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So what does that mean for you? Probably not much other than the fact that if you are thinking Facebook is a free way to get in front of your customers and reach them with your message, you should probably rethink your strategy.

Facebook is an outstanding resource for paid advertisements.

Be unique.

Be original.

Be sexy and flashy.

Put something out there that people will click on and relates to your business.

You should look at this as a pay-per-click advertising platform.

I advise my clients to figure out how much each new customer is worth and then we look at customer acquisition costs to determine how much we should spend and the success level of our advertisements.

Good luck out there and stop spending your money to get LIKES.  It just isn't worth it.