15 social post ideas that get engagement


Although I'm sure I compose way more social media posts then you do, it is extremely frustrating to come up with ideas at times. Especially ideas that work. After all, the whole reason why we use Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more is so that we can make more sales. Here's a list of ideas that I have curated overtime and work very well. A big point with this is that if you are doing this for your business make sure that you have some sort of action in it. You don't always want to sell and be "that guy" but you do want to offer options and conversions for people that care about your message. I would also add, be real. People's BS radar is stronger than ever. If you don't have something real to say, that's fine but, don't fake it. 

So let's get to it. Here are my notes for post ideas that get engagement.
1. Contests
2. Honor a group of people - teachers, vets, nurses...tie in promotion
3. Polls
4. Funny
5. Inspirational
6. Be vulnerable - ask questions
7. Go live
8. Behind the scenes
9. Reviews - show examples
10. User generated content
11. Fill in the blank __________
12. Ask for help
13. Seasonal
14. Fan only discounts/email list
15. Expert tip / tutorial

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