Location: The Bottle Room Date: 5/1/2019 Time: 4pm-7pm

(can’t make it? contact me and let’s have a one-on-one meeting!)

GREEn bay wisconsin area

Social media - Websites - Facebook - Google Ads - Strategy - Videos - Reviews

The online world for business owners is confusing and maybe a drink might make it more so but, I hope not. 😉

Come out, let me buy you a drink and learn about your story but, most importantly, I want to give you the opportunity to ask any questions that you probably have. I mean that you can ask me ANYTHING. I want to be your go to expert even if we aren’t working together yet. Very informal. (I'll be wearing jeans) Zero pressure. I want to work with you ONLY if it makes sense for both of us but, I want to be the person that you trust when/if you decide to move forward with a professional. I take a no BS approach to this so no marketing jargon. Just the simple truth.

  1. My service is for people that BELIEVE in the fact that the internet is a key driver for local traffic and wealth generation.

  2. I focus on people that WANT to grow or solidify their business to provide for themselves, family and co-workers

  3. I PROMISE that working with me will save you time, frustration and bring your closer to your goals.

Helping You become the business that everyone LOVES❤
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