What does it take to win?

[00:00:00] Hi. Thanks for watching this video. My name's Eric and I specialize in helping small businesses make more money. Small businesses like yours. What we do is we manage all of the online digital properties as it were out there your social media marketing. Google, Bing, Yahoo. Basically all these guys you see behind me here. I know that you as a you know if you're care about your business at all. I know that you are interested in doing better I know you're interested in making more money gain more market share whatever it takes. So we specialize in the Wisconsin area at this point right now and growing all the time. By the way if you're looking for a position please don't hesitate to reach out as well. However what we need to do is we need to grab ahold of all of these different products all of these different assets that you have and put them in the best foot forward. You need to basically think like a customer. All right. These guys behind me specialize in thinking like customers. When you do a google search Google wants to give the best result humanly possible not only can they charge more money for adwords but they can also you know increase their market share and make sure that they maintain the dominance that they have. They specialize in that. And in order to get high in the results you know if you you know the generic somebody is looking for a plumber right.

[00:01:27] Google's going to spit out a result and it's going to be up on top here or you're going to be on the bottom. Now how you maintain all of these things behind me that's where you rank whether it's on top or bottom. So restaurants plumbers lawyers doctors you name it everybody if you can look. If you think that people are calling you or you want them to stop in your store or look at your Web site or sending an e-mail that's critically important in order to maintain these things. People ask me all the time how they can do this. Well you can do it yourself you know or you can hire a professional I'm damn good at what I do and I take a lot of pride in bringing a lot more visitors money. And you know revenue to my customers because that's what it's all about at the end of the day it's increasing the revenue and building up this digital. You know it's 2017 we have to build up this digital marketplace and really push push things forward in order to make things you know roll and be perfect for you now and in the future. This is a long term strategy can also be a short term strategy with some advertising dollars behind it. But this is a long term strategy really to solidify your brand in the community to gain instant acceptance so when people look it up and they're looking up plumber somebody comes up on top and somebody comes up well-rested and somebody comes up looking great. And that's the person that's going to get the phone call. Are you like that in your market. Are you like that in your vertical.

[00:02:54] If not you need to do something about now and sooner rather than later because you know everybody is starting to realize that this is important. And you know what it's it's becoming easier and easier and ever to basically leapfrog your competitors so I would highly recommend you get a jump start. Give me a call. Go to the Web site get a free evaluation and make it happen for yourself. So looking forward to hearing from you. And that's where we start. You know just get the free valuation. I'll talk to you personally. Thanks