How to take a good video/photo for your business

[00:00:01] This is Eric from Local Result Marketing here in Green Bay Wisconsin where we specialize in helping local businesses basically make more money using their online digital assets that are usually underutilized. We do search engine optimization, search engine marketing, SEO, SEM as well as social media management you name it. We pretty much take care of it and do it for companies especially small and medium sized companies that don't have the inside infrastructure in order to handle it. In today's video I want to talk about what we do in order to make videos in order to help out with product demonstrations on social media or on your website. You know there's a lot of people that are missing you know have misconceptions where they need a nice big SLR fancy camera in order to make things happen. But the reality is is that your phone has an amazing camera built into it already.

[00:01:00] The problem is is that most people don't know how to use it properly and they're working with kind of outside you know outdated information. So what I'd really like to do is kind of basically show you what I do for my clients and what I suggest other people do themselves. And that's really understanding what the customer wants to see if they want to see just an overview of you know the product and you know big shots from far away getting everything in at one time making the manufacturers website what you want to do is you want to get attention with people you want to get in close you want to be show different angles you want to basically get excited and build a relationship with them. So in order to do that would you need to do is first off stop holding your phone vertically go horizontal always horizontal you know just like a TV screen. And you know you can either do it and it's kind of a selfie mode or you can you know get in there but the sound quality is decent. The video quality is outstanding. Same thing goes with pictures go at different angles. Get down on the ground get a pie. Show something. But really you know kind of get in there be excited when you're talking to somebody and above all get nice and close get in there good detail you know what I mean.

[00:02:24] The thing is is when we're looking at things and you can show some real interesting detail and you can and you can say OK well listen here's my hand this is what I you know it's more interesting than this big panoramic shot where everything gets in show. You know if you're showing a car show the wheels show the tire tread show whatever is exciting in your industry as well and really get in there do that talk for maybe two minutes three minutes. You know if you get really high end thing go for 10 minutes. I mean it doesn't really matter. Throw it up on Facebook throw it up on your website. And you know if by all means to if you're doing photos please take two seconds apply a filter go on your put it on your computer make it look prettier. I see so many horrible photos out there that just haven't been touched. And for two you know for the first 30 seconds that it's going to take in order to touch it up it's going to make a world of difference. So use the phone that's more than ample. I mean if you have a million followers you have a different problem already. Use a phone. Put it up there. Run some videos. It's really not that hard. In fact you know just maybe don't script everything. Just be real. Be yourself. People like to see mistakes people like to see behind you know what's in the kitchen. They like to connect with someone. So utilize that in order to promote your products and services and start building up report with your audience. I think you'll find that will work out really nicely for you.