Why you shouldn't boost your Facebook posts


One of the easiest ways that people find to get traffic is by boosting their Facebook posts. I agree that it is fun ( for lack of a better word) to watch all of the likes, views and maybe even follows. It's validating in many respects. For those of us that have pages  instead of just personal accounts, we can actually see how many views it is had rather than just the reactions.

From a business standpoint, for most people, it's a horrible idea to do this.

Why you might ask? The answer is because most people are not good copywriters and  there is no outcome defined for the paid for advertising. What does that mean? That means when someone clicks on your link that you are paying for it should take them to a website where you can hopefully grab lead information from them. I run across so many businesses that don't do this well. For me, I don't care how many views there were. I don't care how many likes there were. I don't care much anymore about how many people follow my page. Facebook has changed over the last couple of years. For businesses, it's a paid platform only. In many estimations you only get about 15% of your followers to see your posts. Unless you have a rabid fan base that isn't much. Unless you have hundreds of thousands of followers that isn't much.

So what should you do? Learn how to do it right. Facebook is a behemoth. It can send you lots of traffic. The traffic only exists to provide leads or sales. Stop thinking of it as anything but that. One of the things I love to say to clients is to stop building your farm on someone else's land. Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg land and you need to pay him. So if you're going to pay him make sure that you're getting the most out of it.

Create lead pages that work. Forms. Compelling reasons to get someone to call you, give you their email address or sign up.

Then your ready to boost and make it worth your while.