How to see more results on Facebook with one simple step

[00:00:00] Just left a meeting and I thought I'd make a quick little video here here's a simple little trick that is. I'm still amazed that so many businesses don't do this. Everybody wants social media interaction everybody wants more. More fans on Facebook and I don't blame them it's a simple way to really get your message out there and tell your story. However what I am really noticing is that people are missing out on this super easy way of doing things. Check in when you arrive at work. Not only do you check in as an owner or as an ATM but have your employees check in too because what it does is on everybody else's newsletter feed everybody else's feed. It shows that hey they checked in at work whether it's a restaurant or plumber it doesn't really matter it just gets your name out there and reminds people that you exist. And there's some type of marketing. Top of mind marketing approach there as well. So it's a really good habit to get in every single day you arrive. Check in on Facebook. Just check in and have your employees check in. And not only that. Just remind people because you know it's a habit that people get out of. I mean that's that's the real thing is the discipline that it takes in order to be successful. That's where people lose is the lack of discipline. [1:16.7]

[00:01:17] So remind yourself every time you are you know people have reminders on their phones every time you arrive at work check in have your employees check in to send an email just remind them to do it on a regular basis so you can create a positive habit for the entire company and the culture there. [16.4]